Camelia Bakery (TV)

by Clara Galanti
Camelia Bakery (TV) — Veneto Secrets

If Carrie Bradshaw lived in Veneto, you would certainly see her eating cupcakes at the Camelia Bakery in the center of Treviso. Close to Casa dei Carraresi, the concept of the Camelia Bakery comes from afar: since 1996 the legendary Magnolia Bakery opened its first store in NY and in 2000 it became one of the favorite places of Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and The City, raising it to the level of world icon. Since then, this type of Bakery, a paradise of glazed mini cakes, a typical dessert of the Anglo-Saxon world, of pastel details, of a country-chic design that tempts gossip with friends, has become a must in all fashionable cities.

Camelia Bakery (TV) — Veneto Secrets

Born from the creative flair of the designer Valentina Soster, Camelia Bakery is one of the chicest places in Treviso. Frequented by an international and elegant clientele, it is a project in continuous evolution thanks to the constant research of Valentina who, year after year, enriches this delightful sitting room with details and novelties.

Camelia Bakery is the temple of cupcakes, designed as fashion collections that change seasonally, porcelain cups, attention to detail, and quality. The great attention to artisanal and organic products makes it a true paradise for demanding foodies that here can indulge in yummy yet healthy proposals. Like the ice cream from the Ciacco laboratory in Parma, without additives and also suitable for intolerant and vegan people.

Camelia Bakery (TV) — Veneto Secrets

The organic certification guarantees Camelia the absolute quality of the products in all stages of production, from raw material to packaging. Right in front of the Bakery there is the artisan laboratory where all the desserts are produced and, in particular, the beautiful take-away cakes perfect for any party.
Ready to discover the Summer Collection of cupcakes? For a sweet coffee break, a delicious ice-cake with fresh fruit or an unusual aperitif, Camelia Bakery awaits you in the heart of Treviso.

The Secret

With more than 30 years of creative direction in the Benetton fashion group and great taste, Valentina is an expert in research and trends. All the pieces that furnish Camelia Bakery are the result of her research around the world, from porcelain to design armchairs to coffee tables. A favorite address? Without a doubt, the small Nolita district in New York which, among atélier, boutiques and showrooms of the trendiest designers, always reserves some super cool surprises.

Useful Info

Camelia Bakery
Via Palestro 30
31100 Treviso
Tel. +39 0422 1582095

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