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Ca Maria Adele (VE)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Ca Maria Adele (VE) — Veneto Secrets

If Venice is the most beautiful city in the world, certainly the luxury boutique hotel Ca Maria Adele, located in the Dorsoduro district, is its most romantic casket of wonders.

Everything is just magic about this stunning luxury hotel, starting from its position: the sixteenth-century building lays, in fact, right next to the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute in one of the chicest areas of Venice, enclosed between the Guggenheim and Punta della Dogana.

The design boutique hotel was opened in 2004 by Alessio and Nicola Campa, heirs of an ancient family of Murano glass masters, refined globetrotters and interior designers who at Ca Maria Adele have managed to create an oasis of exquisitely good taste, beauty, and comfort.

Ca Maria Adele (VE) — Veneto Secrets
Ca Maria Adele (VE) — Veneto Secrets

We take care of every detail of our facilities to offer our guests the best, from hospitality to high manufacturing, which Venice has produced in over 1500 years of history.

(Alessio and Nicola Campa, owners)

Their love for the history of Venice and their ancestors’ cultural heritage can be seen in every marvelous detail of the hotel, from the choice of the name, combination of the names of their paternal and maternal grandmothers (Maria and Adele), to the details such as the huge black and white photo, hanging in the breakfast room, which features the largest glass chandelier in the world that was made for a Belgium casino by their grandfather.

The interiors, completely conceived by Alessio and Nicola, are a delight also for the eyes of the most exigent esthete and inspired by the Moorish Venice, that of the trades with the Far East and of cultural contaminations with the Byzantine Empire. Fine antiques, such as Indian and Moroccan statement pieces, and Murano glass art-crafts mix with many objects designed ad hoc by the creative duo such as the original Moorish hand sculptures that hold the abat-jour lampshades.

Ca Maria Adele (VE) — Veneto Secrets

A luxurious opulence with a delightful touch of ironic contemporaneity that is found above all in the themed settings that are created on the occasion of holidays or seasonal changes and that enrich each room with design objects and artistic installations. Like the Enchanted Forest, a scenographic decoration created by the Campa brothers together with Benetazzo Spazioverde, who also collaborate with the Biennale, made with a myriad of plants and lights that symbolize a reassuring and enveloping nature, a prelude to the days of Christmas celebration.

Each of the twelve rooms, including two suites and one apartment, is furnished in a different style, from the Oriental-chic Stanza dei Mori, to the boho-chic Noir Room, up to the Stanza del Doge that has been elected the second sexiest room in the world by the Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Awards. In addition, the independent buildings Palazzetto 113, Mini Palace and Cariatidi are also part of the world of Ca Maria Adele, all located a few meters from the hotel, which offers different solutions, from a secret garden to a private terrace overlooking the Basilica della Salute.

Ca Maria Adele (VE) — Veneto Secrets

The obsessive attention to detail extends also to the service, a rare ensemble of attentions that will make your stay unforgettable, such as little bells to call the staff scattered in every corner of the hotel, king-size beds, a refined line of courtesy care that includes the lip cream or the face spray by Gilchrist & Soames, a home essence created specifically for the hotel that recalls the scents of the lagoon flowers, up to 24/7 concierge service ready to fulfill (almost) every wish.

Breakfast is also a unique treat: completely à la carte, the night before a menu is given to you in order to choose not only what you prefer to eat in the morning (from 8 to 12), but also where: in your room, in the lounge room in front of the fireplace, on the terrace or in the breakfast room, the petit-déjeuner is a real ritual served by waiters who seem stolen from an imperial palace.

Ca Maria Adele, chosen as a Venetian “second home” by many celebrities, is certainly one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, an experience that everyone should have in life, accompanied by a sunset walk along the Zattere and a dinner on a terrace on the Grand Canal, to really understand why “Venice is the greatest masterpiece that man has ever created” (Iosif Brodskij).

The Secret

This time the secret is really unusual: Ca Maria Adele was the home of the grandmother of the founder of Veneto Secrets, then sold in the 1930s by her family following the death of her great-grandfather. A discovery made by Lavinia Colonna Preti by chance after staying at the hotel and being struck by the strangely and delightfully “familiar” atmosphere she had experienced.

The Art Installations

Useful Info

Ca Maria Adele
Dorsoduro 111
30123 Venezia
Tel. +39 041 5203078

Rooms starting from 300 euros, wi-fi, full à la carte American breakfast and mini-bar included.

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