Ai Bragozzi Da Pasquale (VE)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Ai Bragozzi Da Pasquale (VE) — Veneto Secrets

For 20 years, the Bragozzi restaurant, located in the center of Caorle right in front of the fishing port, has been an undisputed certainty for its excellent fish cuisine and the elegance of the environment. The premises originally housed an old fishermen’s tavern, to which the owner, Pasquale, wanted to pay homage by keeping its name inspired by the typical flat-bottomed sailing boats used in the Adriatic Sea, of which you can admire a model at the entrance, above to the shellfish tank.

Pasquale, very attentive host, has been able to create an atmosphere of great charm for his restaurant that perfectly combines the Caorlotta tradition with a cool design twist. The Louis Ghost chairs by Philippe Stark and the beautiful black and white tiles by Fornasetti on the walls give a sophisticated touch to the place, while the old wooden beams, the marine details, and the many lanterns accentuate the warm family atmosphere.

Ai Bragozzi Da Pasquale (VE) — Veneto Secrets

Scattered everywhere, wooden crates and bottles of wine with emblazoned labels are witnesses of the well-stocked cellar that Pasquale has built over the years to offer his guests the best pairing for each dish. The cuisine offers Mediterranean seafood specialties, based on fresh fish, strictly from the Adriatic sea, cooked with quality ingredients. A must-try are the raw fish – and the variety of bubbles you can try with! – and local specialties such as pasta with cockles, typical mollusks of the area.

Book a table on the veranda and let Pasquale guide you through a tasting of the best catch of the day. After dinner, do not miss the walk that from the 11th-century bell tower of the Piazza del Duomo leads to the magical church – Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Angelo – in a panoramic position on the east end of the Caorle cliff.

The secret

The shelves full of gastronomic specialties next to the bar are not a showcase of products for sale, but rather the open pantry that Pasquale enriches with great passion and expertise by researching the best products he brings from his travels in central and southern Italy.

Useful Info

Ai Bragozzi Da Pasquale
Via Riva dei Bragozzi 7
30021 Caorle, Venezia
Tel. +39 0421 212455

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