Secret Caorle, between ancient legends and quaint fisherman’s ports

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Secret Caorle, between ancient legends and quaint fisherman’s ports — Veneto Secrets

Among the most picturesque destinations of the Venetian coast, celebrated also by Ernest Hemingway, Caorle maintains intact the charm of the traditional Italian fishing villages. The town is located in the North-East of the Venetian Lagoon and it is renowned for its lively old town full of colorful houses and tiny fish restaurants around the harbor. One of the most interesting spots is the Sanctuary of “Our Lady of the Angel”, built in 1751 over the remains of the ancient wooden church dedicated to Archangel Michael and dating back to the 6th or 7th Century.

Secret Caorle, between ancient legends and quaint fisherman’s ports — Veneto Secrets

Inside there is the statue of the Virgin Mary, protector of fishermen and protagonist of a curious legend. According to it, the statue was found in the middle of the sea by a group of fishermen who saw it floating despite the heavy marble base. Drawn to the shore no one succeeded in moving it, except for a group of children who took it to the Cathedral from which it disappeared the same night, to inexplicably appearing the day after inside the small church that today bears her name. From here, starts a beautiful promenade on the sea, that leads to the historic center, called Scogliera Viva. Here, for more than twenty years, artists from all over the world have left their “mark” on the rocks, from amazing sculptures to poetic quotes engraved in the rocks. These works of art give life to one of the most exciting walks of the Italian coast.

Secret Caorle, between ancient legends and quaint fisherman’s ports — Veneto Secrets

The fishing port, heart of the historic center, hosts a picturesque ritual handed down from generation to generation: at the end of the day, fishermen moor their boats and, with care and ancient craftsmanship, they wash and repair their nets, getting ready for the new day. In this timeless setting, you will find one of the most refined restaurants of Caorle, Ai Bragozzi da Pasquale, which takes its name from a typical fishing boat from the area, where you can enjoy the catch of the day in an eclectic atmosphere. Not far away, in a small Venetian-style “campo” (a little square), you will find the Trattoria al Mare which offers sophisticated fish recipes in a cool yet informal atmosphere. Do not miss its nice déhor in the heart of the historic center.

An excellent alternative to enjoy super fresh fish is certainly the restaurant Al Fogher, a family business run by two brothers. Being one of them a fisherman, you can easily guess why it’s an absolute must-go for yummy grilled or fried fish delicacies. For an aperitif or after-dinner drinks, the coolest address is Harry Johnson Speakeasy, where you can taste excellent cocktails, prepared by the award-winning bartender Mario Serafini, surrounded by the sumptuous atmospheres of the 1920s.

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