I cuscini di Carla Vallotto

by Stefano Colombo
I cuscini di Carla Vallotto — Veneto Secrets

All the charm of Turkey, Uzbekistan, and many other cultures, between tradition, mystery and an artisan intertwining of culture and history.
Carla Vallotto, architect, traveler lover, and designer by passion, creates a bridge between East and West that she builds on silk and velvet textures using the most precious fabrics of the countries she has visited to create cushions, shoes, and bags loved by the international jet-set.

I Cuscini di Carla speak of her being a citizen of the world: born in Peru to an Italian father and a German mother with Russian origins, she worked and lived in Berlin, she traveled to the most fantastic places, absorbing the cultures and perfumes that today she pours into her collections, “portals” to other worlds capable of making the unusual a fundamental part of daily living.

I cuscini di Carla Vallotto — Veneto Secrets

For her creations Carla uses, in fact, Suzani embroidered fabrics, hand-made in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan for many centuries part of the wedding dowry, and Ikat fabrics, loom-woven in Uzbekistan, also used by the greatest designers such as Giorgio Armani, believed to hold a benevolent spiritual power within their weaves, with which gives life to cushions, rugs, fashion accessories such as Friuliane shoes, bags, clutches and wonderful kaftans. Masterpieces created by local master craftsmen and characterized by strong colors and graphics ranging from floral to animal print with tropical accents.

Carla creates in her home atelier in Verona, where she has set up an intimate space, customized with some of her unique collectible pieces, to receive friends and customers: a corner of the Orient where to shop and taste her excellent tea accompanied by the typical Turkish sweets of Meşhur Bebek Badem.

Carla’s creations are in great demand all over the world and can be found in the most exclusive residences and hotels, from Fendi’s to La Dolce Vita in Verona.

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