Da Vinci Experience, the biggest immersive exhibition to discover the Italian genius

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Da Vinci Experience, the biggest immersive exhibition to discover the Italian genius — Veneto Secrets

A timeless journey through an immersive space to discover one of the most versatile, complex and fascinating icons in our history: Leonardo Da Vinci. This is the Da Vinci Experience, the most important multimedia exhibition dedicated to the genius of Leonardo. Through an immersive, highly scenographic path, where space is transformed into a continuous and exciting visual story made of 40,000-pixel images, 3D animations and sound effects in Dolby surround, the exhibition displays the greatness of the Italian Renaissance symbol. The event, which will be opened until August 4th in the Sala Borsa of the Treviso Chamber of Commerce, has been selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to represent Italy and its genius in a world tour which started April 8 from Lima in Peru and will include over 19 nations.

Inventor, artist and scientist Leonardo was undoubtedly one of the most creative and innovative men of all time, leaving an immense patrimony of projects and intuitions that made his name great starting from its famous machines that welcome the visitor in the first room. Perfectly built by a team of artisans following the original projects, materials, and building methods, many of Da Vinci’s inventions have become objects of common use such as the car gearbox or the bicycle for instance.

Da Vinci Experience, the biggest immersive exhibition to discover the Italian genius — Veneto Secrets

Leonardo was definitively a forerunner in almost all the scientific disciplines starting from the studies on anatomy and human proportions, magnificently represented by the Vitruvian man, to those about flying, astronomy, and gravity just to name a few. In the second room, through an exciting immersive video-installation embracing the visitor, the power of the innumerable artistic masterpieces born from his immense talent is revealed, from sculptures to frescoes such as The Last Supper or the Lady with the Ermine, to the famous Gioconda, one of the most talked and enigmatic paintings of all time. Through evocative panoramas and precious details, the best Da Vinci’s artworks come to life.

The Immersive Room leads to the third spectacular area: a kaleidoscopic and instagram-friendly mirror room that envelops all the senses creating a vortex of pure wonder. From here we get to the last incredible surprise of this unique path: experiencing the thrill of flying over Florence with a machine designed by Da Vinci, sailing on his boat or taking a ride on a tank prototype…This is possible thanks to a sophisticated 3D technology that, through digital visors called “oculus”, allows you to experience authentic emotions! The Da Vinci Experience, thanks also to the breathtaking display created by Crossmedia Group, is a project of great complexity achieved thanks to the collaboration between video-makers, sound engineers, computer scientists, art historians, and publishing professionals. An exciting experience that, through the most innovative technologies, makes a complete portrait of Leonardo through images, author’s music, and interactive experiences.

In the past editions of Florence, Milan, Beijing, and Shanghai, the Da Vinci Experience has already registered a very high number of visitors, becoming the most visited multimedia exhibition about Leonardo Da Vinci in the world.

Useful Info

Da Vinci Experience
Piazza Borsa 3/b
31100 Treviso
Tel. +39 393 8007367

Open every day: 10.00 — 19.30 (tickets office closure and last admittance 18.30)
Adults tickets: 13 euro
Students and Over 65 tickets: 10 euro
Aged from 6 to 12 years: 8 euro
Schools: 6 euro
Special reductions for families, disables and groups larger than 10 people
Guided Tours available upon request

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