Christmas on the Prosecco Hills

A fairytale made of romantic fireplaces and enchanted castles

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Christmas on the Prosecco Hills: what’s new in 2022 — Veneto Secrets

During the Christmas period, the hilly territory that extends from Grappa to Valdobbiadene and Conegliano is transformed into one of the most romantic areas in Italy, thanks to a long tradition of family gatherings around the fireplace and ancient stone villages. Let's go and discover what is new in winter 2022.

Distinguished by a rural vocation since ancient times, first with the great feuds and then at the time of the Serenissima Republic of Venice with the birth of the Palladian villas, the Prosecco Hills have also experienced hard periods, such as the one between the two World Wars, which have contributed to further strengthen the great sense of family and sharing that reigns in these areas.

An authentic feeling that is experienced especially during the Christmas period when its restaurants, wineries and hotels are embellished with garlands of pine, fir trees and a thousand lights, never lacking for a good glass of wine to share together around the fireplace, the fulcrum of the social life on these hills.

Christmas on the Prosecco Hills: what’s new in 2022 — Veneto Secrets
Christmas on the Prosecco Hills: what’s new in 2022 — Veneto Secrets

Christmas 2022 is upon us and we take this opportunity to tell you the latest “Secrets news” of some of the most beautiful locations and structures in this area, perfect to be visited during the festive days.

It starts like in fairy tales with Christmas in the Castle organized by Castelbrando in Cison di Valmarino which once again hosts the largest living Christmas tree in Italy. Being 200 years old and 33 meters high, the Cedrus atlantica is protected by the superintendence as a national historical heritage and was decorated thanks to expert climbers, since it was not possible to use other means.

Christmas on the Prosecco Hills: what’s new in 2022 — Veneto Secrets

The Castle, one of the largest and best preserved in Europe, stunning with its festively lit battlements visible from the valley, can be reached via a beautiful panoramic funicular. Rich in history and legends, inside there are a hotel, two restaurants and a wellness centre, and it is perfect to be visited during the holiday period by taking the opportunity of guided tours, available also in the evening, organized for Christmas.

A few kilometers away you can visit the small town of Cison Di Valmarino, one of the most beautiful medieval walled villages in Italy thanks to the perfectly preserved characteristic stone houses that overlook the suggestive central square with the historic Caffè Roma and the excellent Vinaria Veneto, wine bar and bistro.

Christmas on the Prosecco Hills: what’s new in 2022 — Veneto Secrets
Christmas on the Prosecco Hills: what’s new in 2022 — Veneto Secrets

Just 10 minutes away, in the small town of Revine Lago, we find Ai Cadelach Resort with the Magnader Restaurant. Renowned for its cosy fireplace, the stone walls, and the tables decorated with grandmother’s lace or retro tablecloths it boasts a brazier always lit to cook its famous ribs, T-bone steaks and grilled meats.
New for winter 2022 is the Candle Room (in the cover photo), a small room completely covered with wooden boiserie on the walls where, by reservation, you can eat exclusively by candlelight, and the Lounge, where the pre-dinner aperitif is served, decorated with a giant design fireplace and cashmere plaids.

And after a good lunch, you can book a ritual in the spa of the structure, truly unique, decorated with wooden and hay mangers, a stube (traditional stove), and a thousand little lights.

Christmas on the Prosecco Hills: what’s new in 2022 — Veneto Secrets

Not far away, in Vittorio Veneto we find another novelty for this winter 2022. La Vigna di Sarah, famous for its prosecco harvested on full moon nights, has recently inaugurated the Bottega di Sarah, located at the foot of the hill where there is the agriturismo, a delightful wine bar, store and bistro.

Open from Thursday to Saturday from 16 to 23, and on Sunday also for lunch, between braziers and wool blankets, you can taste cold cuts & cheese platters, tapas as well as the excellent wines from the winery. On the first floor, there are 5 bedrooms which add to the 2 barrel ones, called lunotte, and the other 3 which are found in the main building. And before or after the aperitif, you can go down for a walk in the small village of Serravalle in the center of Vittorio Veneto.

Christmas on the Prosecco Hills: what’s new in 2022 — Veneto Secrets

Another “novelty” this winter was the copious snowfall that has recently blanketed the Grappa massif. The more sporty and adventurous ones can take advantage of it to live a truly unique experience: flying by paraglider or hang glider over the snow-capped Monte Grappa and thus enjoy one of the most beautiful views in the world starting from one of the 7 take-offs located in the area.

After the flight, which can also be done together with the instructor for beginners, you can stop at the only hotel built right around the free flight landing field: Garden Relais in Borso del Grappa which offers a beautiful spa, perfect for relaxing after some outdoor sports, and a restaurant where you can eat excellent grilled meat.

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